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Re: lm-sensors support for SE7501BR2 ?

Marcin Owsiany wrote:

>[ sorry for the cross-post, but both lists seem relevant ]
>I have an Intel SE7501BR2 server motherboard, and using lm-sensors
>2.6.3-5+ only detects successfully four chips like this: (using eeprom
>  * Bus `SMBus I801 adapter at 0580' (Non-I2C SMBus adapter)
>    Busdriver `i2c-i801', I2C address 0x51
>    Chip `Serial EEPROM (PC-100 DIMM)' (confidence: 8)
>But does not find any thermal sensors. Has anyone had more luck with
>such hardware? The manual says the sensors are managed by Heceta chip
>U5F10, for which google finds no good hits.
The Heceta chip is an Intel custom chip I believe that actively changes
fan speeds based on temperatures. This includes chassis fans as well as
CPU fans. It's also likely linked into the BMC on this board which will
probably add another layer of complication to the equation thats already
too complicated :-(

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