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Re: Windows compatible Monitoring Software for APC UPS

Hello franz Georg, 

Am 2004-07-13 18:00:20, schrieb Franz Georg Köhler:
>On Di, Jul 13, 2004 at 04:42:56 +0200, Ian Forbes <iforbes@zsd.co.za> wrote:

>> He wants to know if we can install a "slave" network UPS monitor 
>> program so that it can receive a command to perform a graceful shut 
>> down when the UPS runs flat. 

>> Has anybody encountered a situation like this before?
>How do you expect the software to receive commands while the hardware is
>not connected to the USV?

There is such program I think it is "apcupsd" but it works only on 
Linux/BSD-Systems and can send a shutdown signal to other Machines 
in the network. 

I have created my own "upsd" which check the batery state of my UPS
and shutdown Workststions and Servers depending the charge state.


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