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How to prevent being a 'bouncer' of evil mail?

How can I prevent boucing 'evil' messages?
For spammer viruses, one could just employ an anti-virus and set it
not to bounce.
But for other messages, what can I do?

In one of my implementations, I have a gateway that filters messages,
removing most spam and viruses, than redirect them to the appropriate
servers. Thus, I do not have a record of user accounts for those
domains. What usually happens is that I get messages for
"xzx9z89z@mydomain.tld", from "someone@yahoo.com", and after the final
server gets the message, it bounces to yahoo.

I don't want to cause any trouble to other admins. I understand the
way that smtp works, and that I must issue DSN's for undelivered
messages. But is there any mixture of techniques to avoid bugging
yahoo or other servers? Or have I missed the idea of DSN's?

I think this have been discussed before, but signing messages is not
enough, is it?

The only think I could think now is SPF greylisting (~all) from yahoo.

Yves Junqueira

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