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Re: spam from an auto-responder

On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 17:48, wagnerc@plebeian.com (Chris Wagner) wrote:
> The only thing I will grant is that it should only respond once to each
> email address.  Responding repeatedly to the same person is useless and
> potentially annoying.  With all due respect Russell should've suggested
> that from the get go instead of the bland "quit" message. ;)

Ward is correct.  Auto-responces are always spam.

If you have an old address that you want to send messages about then make your 
mail server send a custom 55x code to reject the message.  No bounces or 
responses will be sent to spam, but legitimate messages will get bounced by 
the sending server.

Trying to use an auto-responder to escape spam is just stupid, the 
auto-responder sends the new address to all the spammers.  But if you want to 
be REALLY stupid then be rude to people who complain, then you get your email 
address archived in a long-running thread that's archived all over the net...

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