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Re: spam from an auto-responder

Chris, here's a present for you --> yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo <--

Please use them in front of your 'u's, makes your messages so much 
easier to read.

On Wednesday 16 June 2004 08.27, Chris Wagner wrote:
> An auto-responder has no way of knowing who or what emailed it.
You're saying...

Yes. And this is why autoresponders are something people should think 
carefully about before using them.

I use an autoresponder, too, on one of my old email addresses. But
 - you won't get more than one notice, ever
 - I'm able to see who sent the offending message, if it was something 
with forged sender and most importantly,
 - the autoresponder is on an address on a quite heavily armed machine 
(blocklists and spamassassin), so I don't autorespond to most spam.

Sure, it's still possible that some people get a message from my 
autoresponder, and they have every right to be annoyed at me, as I am 
annoyed with people I get autoresponds from. But I figure that's a 
tradeoff I can live with.

Now in Russel's case, apparently it's not one message, so the 
autoresponder in question is severely broken. Also, the user's brain is 
severely broken, since he apparently doesn't know what's going on, and 
that's the real problem.

/me will vote for an Internet Driver's License

-- vbi


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