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Re: SEARCH attack

I see these all the time myself and to turn the server into a black 
hole when it comes to exploitable code is a interesting idea. 
Blocking the NOP operation by blocking x90 does that pretty nicely on 
its own, however you could also block a jmp/mov instruction if you 
really wanted to be 'safe', but some users like using hex values for 
things, so its a trade off since people tend to move to other service 
providers when they find out there current one doesn't allow the 
input needed by there favorite script.

Perhaps switching 'http://www.microsoft.com' from that howto with 
'localhost' would be even more interesting; But from a legal 
standpoint the water is murky on that scale.

 - D

On 7 Jun 2004 at 16:41, Dena Whitebirch wrote:

> I was getting pounded by these too and am wondering though if it worried
> anyone else that we might be considered to be attacking Microsoft by
> doing this rewrite?  Might there be a similar way to just 'stop' them like
> sending them to /dev/null or something?
> >
> Regards,
> Dena A. Whitebirch
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