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Re: SEARCH attack


I have noticed the same here -- have a look at this

I liked the rewrite solution to throw it to ms... ;)


Robert Cates wrote:


I hoping somebody can both fill me in on what this SEARCH is all about, and
what I can/should do to stop it:

Every so often I find a very long request in my Apache access logs that
seems to be an attempted SEARCH ("SEARCH /\x90\x02\xb1\x02\xb1\x02\ ...").

1).  Is this a security problem (on a Linux server)?

2).  If so, how can I stop this?  I tried to stop it using a <Limit SEARCH>,
but a configtest told me that "SEARCH" was an undefined or unknown method.
I placed the <Limit SEARCH> within the <Directory /> container as well as
out on it's own in the config file.

3).  Is this a Windows platform issue?

4).  If so, how can I stop these attempts from filling up my access logs.

All info is greatly appreciated!


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