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Courier-ldap auth-ing "twice" is required?

I was just thinking... Courier-ldap authentication needs some user/pass on the 
config file to validate on the LDAP server and then, once validated, it looks 
for the user and pass of the pop-ing user. That is "2 auth" on one action.

Just a thought... wouldn't be a better solution to use the user/pass provided 
by the pop-client to auth on the ldap server? If they are correct, it get 
into its account. If they are not correct, auth fails. This way only one auth 
is needed...

So, as this is quite obvious (I'm sure I'm not the first who thought this), 
I've been googling some comments about this, but I've found nothing.

Any of you have some comments about this? Am I missing some important part?

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