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Re: You can start saving now

14MB per session?  I haven't admined email for a while so I may be out of
touch, but it seems like that server should be able to process gigantic
volumes of mail.  Not just "a lot" or even "really a lot".  What mail setup
is it running?  Throttling connections is the right way to go though.
Spooling in an email should take nearly nothing.

On this spamd, spamassasin, etc. capacity thread, it really seems to me that
the current generation's whole operating paradigm is outdated.  With more
and more mail to be scanned, and more rules to be checked, traditional
search tactics fail.  Linearly scanning for triggers takes forever and the
effect just multiplies on itself the more u do it.  This spam problem is
evolving into one of massive data processing and data mining.  So I think we
need to update our whole thinking to this new level.  Yahoo somehow manages
to search the entire Internet in milliseconds for whatever obscure word or
phrase we want.  They're doing this somehow, and we need to adapt this type
of technology to spam recognition.  (I know they have rooms of servers to
speed this up but the fundamental technology is also superior)  Using
advanced algortihms like B-trees, hashes, digests, etc. spam tools would be
processing emails in microseconds.  I don't know if anything out there is
using anything like this.  If I had the time I would write a tool myself but
alas not.  I've become interested in pattern matching technology recently
since my current programming job involves digesting large quantities of
textual data.  It's interesting in that with large pattern sets you're in
effect no longer matching the pattern to the plain text, but in fact
matching the plain text to the pattern set.

At 10:29 AM 5/24/04 -0400, Dale E Martin wrote:
>?!  We have < 20 users on our mailserver, hopefully it can handle that load
>on that hardware...  I do think that more RAM is the answer - it takes 14M
>per concurrent incoming message for the processing time.  Once you start
>swapping you're hosed.

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