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Re: multiple IP addresses cause ZONE TRANSFER to fail.

Are you looking for somethings like that?

/etc/bind/named.conf.options [included via include "/etc/bind/named.conf.options"; in /etc/bind/named.conf]

        version "Windows 3.11";
        notify yes;
        query-source address;
        allow-query { any; };
        allow-transfer { any; };


Andrew P. Kaplan wrote:
My Debian box has two IP's running BIND 9.  and
BIND is setup to listen on and act as a slave server. However,
it makes the zone transfer from The master server blocks
these request. Is there a way to make the request come from

May 21 10:56:50 cp named[966]: client zone transfer
'hotsyboston.com/IN' deni

Andrew P. Kaplan

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