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Using Debian as a HotSpot??

My company had installed a few Toshiba HotSpot routers. They are set up to ask for a code number or a credit card to allow access for 1,2 or 24 hours of Internet access. Everything was working fine until Toshiba told us they are dropping the service. Does anyone know of this type of HotSpot service running on a Debian? I need to find a replacement for the Toshiba very fast and I do not know Linux well enough to try to write something like this myself. In the best of all worlds we would love to have a gateway/router on the customers site that when access is requested to would call to our server, check the access code and if good it would open the Internet to the user. Also if they have just a one hour code it would need to close the service to them when the time is up.

If anyone can help it would be great, I would love to try a program that is already written and working in the real world as this customer is pissed already at loosing what they have.


Thanks for any help


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