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Re: Eth*'s and they corresponding hardwares

This was discussed here a couple months back.

And a quick search on Google turned this up.

The manpages for interfaces(5) has a note at the end stating "The ifup and
ifdown programs work with so-called "physical" interface names.  These
names are assigned to hardware by the kernel.  Unfortunately it can happen
that the kernel assigns different physical interface names to the same
hardware at different times; for example, what was called "eth0" last time
you booted is now called "eth1" and viceversa.  This creates a problem if
you want to configure the interfaces appropriately.  A way to deal with
this problem is to use mapping scripts that choose logical interface names
according to the properties of the interface hardware.  See the
get-mac-address.sh script in the examples directory for an example of such
a mapping script.  See also Debian bug #101728."

So, depending on your setup, you might not have to do a real lot. Just
look at the examples in

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