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Howto Per-User spamassassin with postfix-LDAP?

I've recently installed a mail server with Postfix and LDAP. I've installed 
amavis to check virus, and now I want to put some spam filter.

Some time ago I put spamassassin, but we know spamassassin is not perfect, and 
some of the users complained because part of their mails was lost, and in 
some cases was a big part of the mails, so I removed spamassassin (following 
boss orders).

Now I'd like to put some spam filter, but I'd like to permit users to choose 
if they want it or not. Is there any possibility that amavis or spamassassin 
search in LDAP if this user wants virus/spam filter or not? Is there any way 
to make per-user spamassassin/amavis with postfix-LDAP?

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