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Re: LILO + boot raid1 (software)

When switching to root raid1, I also switched to grub. here are my links,
I'm still experimenting...

The Software-RAID HOWTO
Switching from LILO to Grub
Documentation is included in mdadm raid tools package, and shows how to
convert system to software raid system using mdadm.
Sofware Raid and Grub HOW-TO
Boot + Root + Raid + Lilo : Software Raid mini-HOWTO

also note you probably want raidtools2 vs the raidtools package.

// George

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 09:54:38AM +0200, David Ross wrote:
>I recently decided that it was time we did a kernel upgrade on a server
>of ours running software RAID1 on a Debian 3 Woody machine. The raid
>devices are set up fine and running ok:

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