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e-mail for multiple domains

Ok, I've researched the exim stuff and I think I see how to do it via aliases, but I want to
see if anyone has a better solution.

We're really an IPP. We host several domains, with a few users for each. It is getting to the
point where name conflict is an issue, ie I need joe@domain1 and joe@domain2 to be two
separate users. I see how to set up Exim to make them resolve to separate users, ie
joe@domain1 could be resolved to joe1 and joe@domain2 could be resolved to joe2.

However, I'd like to make it more seamless for the client. Seems like making them log in with
joe1 and joe2 is more of a hassle than they need.

Is there another way of doing this? I currently have all my users as real users on the server,
simply setting /bin/false for the shell on those who do not need to update their web sites.
I'm using Exim for my MTA (modified to use maildir), and Courier for POP and IMAP. I'm more
than willing to RTFM if someone can simply point me to the correct FM. Almost wondering if I
can somehow create a username of joe@domain1 so the OS does it all.

BTW, I love Exim, and Courier seems good for the POP/IMAP, but if I can find a solution that
will do all this, I'd switch (but not without a few regrets).



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