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Re: SpamAssassin Auto-Learn

On Thursday 22 April 2004 17:56, Rod Rodolico wrote:

> Some of my clients use POP, however. I thought about doing a
> username-spam@domain style address for them and having this simply append
> spam into a special folder on their account. Any suggestions? Has anyone
> ever done this?

This could work, but you'll need to be very careful. Much of the useful 
information is in the mail headers, so you'd really need to use the 'forward 
as attachment' feature of the MUA so transport the mail as received.

I point this out because most Outlook / Outlook Express clients will only 
forward you the body text of the mail (I could be wrong here...), and even 
then with "----- Forwarded Message --------" prepended.. - it would also have 
your local user in the From: address.

You'd probably end up alienating your LAN as 'spam' :)

Like I say, it's possible if you're careful and do some rewriting, but POP was 
just not designed for this kind of solution....


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