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RE: Frontends to administer servers

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> From: Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder 

> (personal note: I'd not use mysql, but postgresql instead. YMMV.)
> Generally: use whatever technology you know already. This 
> means I have a 
> heavy anti-LDAP bias, but I know SQL quite well. For others, this may 
> mean that they'll use LDAP since they know how to set it up 
> and run it.
> I think for what you want, both technologies can be used without big 
> problems, so it really comes down on how much time do you spend 
> learning the tools. (As for authentication: yes, there are many LDAP 
> backends for server applications. But there are many sql backends for 
> server applications, too.)

I am also trying to decide between ldap and [my]sql for a centralised
authentication and management system.

Seems to be that on the plus side for ldap, it has fairly mature application
interfaces and pre-existing data structures for things like bind zonefiles.
On the minus side i don't know anything about it and it may be inflexible.

Mysql has the obvious advantage that coding up a php interface to it all is
very easy and I can write scripts to grab data out of the database and
create local config files from that. On the minus side thats prone to
flakiness and inconsistencies and the pam_mysql module is woefully devoid of
nss support and some other nice features.

I'm wavering towards the path of putting a bit of time in to learn LDAP and
going for a proper solution (instead of bunch-of-scripts mysql solution)
which should be more extensible and scalable in the long term. Personally
though I don't see why LDAP is any better than a properly constructed
database, other than the application interfaces that already exist.


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