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Re: RaiserFS via NFS

Jeremy Zawodny wrote:
On Monday, April 19, 2004, at 03:07 PM, Markus Schabel wrote:

well, i see the same problem as everybody here: i've had some
corrupted reiserfs systems, and it wasn't possible to restore the
data (except backups of coures ;)). We're still running reiserfs on
our proxy servers (squid), but we have the phenomenon that the
machines get slower and slower while squid is running, and if you
stop squid and wait some time and start it again it all goes fine
again. but the problem isn't squid, it seems to be reiserfs which
seems to be not able get all data written to disk in time and slows
the computer down. (sure this also depends on the harddisks, but we
played around with hdparm and the situation was exactly the same
with DMA enabled (140MB/s) and disabled (4MB/s), so it cannot be
the HDD).

I'm confused.  How does measuring sequential read/write performance
map to squid performance? Doesn't squid usually do lots of little read/write ops, with lots of seeks too?

well, the idea was to check if system performance would be influenced
by HDD speed. sure sequential read/write is not really the best test
for this, but i thougth we would see some changes, and since we didn't
the idea was that the HDD isn't the bottleneck. and since the system
behavior is better with ext3 than with reiserfs, the bottleneck may be
the filesystem.

is it possible to log HDD access (e.g. open, close, read, write, seek,
etc. operations)?

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