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Re: bandwidth

i know of places here in the US (apartment complexes where they charge the
same rate as DSL and pipe 2 gige lines into their main complex and devide
it up from there. so for me it is not the price. i look at the bw that
could possibly be used and go from there.


> Hi!
> Wooohhh ... I assume 100Meg is the peak due to 100BaseTX cableing.
> Here in Germany you would have to differenciate between the local loop
> and the traffic. The loop itself often more expensive than the traffic.
> If you divide the price of a e3/t3 by 100 (users) you would probably go
> cheaper with *DSL of your local Telco per user, even if you "forget"
> about the price of t3 linecards/router.
> If there is not much (no?) peer to peer i would have said 2 Meg are a
> little less, but 2*2 Meg bundeled _could_ be enough for "surfing". If
> you have some internet radio listeners and some file up/download go up
> to 10 Megbit. If your telco offers 10 Meg local loop (most times
> crippled e3's), I would tend to take  that "flat", or if money is a big
> concern check for adsl 8meg/2meg.
> Rgds,
> Andreas
> Jeremy D. May wrote:
>> personaly i would see how much you use now and base it on that. i would
>> say no less then a burstable DS3(T3/E3), idealy i would personaly perfer
>> to drop a FE line (about 100 megs) i know most in the US will let you
>> run
>> a burstable Fe using only like 60 megs of it for a reasonable price.
>> --jeremy
>>>I live in a building which has 96 apartments, all of them wired in a
>>> LAN.
>>>We have contracted an isp that connects our LAN to the internet with a
>>>radio link. As our contract is going to expire soon, and I know the new
>>>contract will be with higher prices, I'll try to propose a new locally
>>>administered solution to my neighbours, that will be a direct link
>>>to a local backbone, with our own local firewall/bandwidth sharing
>>>My question is how much bandwidth should I ask for with my local
>>>backbone to provide such universe of almost 96 home computers with a
>>>reasonable internet access service?
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