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Re: bandwidth

What kind of traffic ? what kind of usage pattern ? Is allowable to throttle 
on peaks ? 
since there is now a link you should be able to know what is current 

Il 12 Apr 2004 alle 10:57 Carlos Alberto Pereira Gomes immise in rete
> I live in a building which has 96 apartments, all of them wired in a
> LAN. We have contracted an isp that connects our LAN to the internet
> with a radio link. As our contract is going to expire soon, and I know
> the new contract will be with higher prices, I'll try to propose a new
> locally administered solution to my neighbours, that will be a direct
> link to a local backbone, with our own local firewall/bandwidth
> sharing machine. My question is how much bandwidth should I ask for
> with my local backbone to provide such universe of almost 96 home
> computers with a reasonable internet access service? Thanks,
Leonardo Boselli
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