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Dear Debian, 

I invite you to take a minute to share some thoughts on corporate culture,
recruiting, salary, and career outlook at DeTeWe (or another current/former 
employer) by filling out this brief anonymous online survey:

By filling out the survey you will help thousands of professional job seekers
make informed career decisions, and become eligible to win the Vault Survey of
the Month $250 cash prize (plus four runner-up awards, icluding free one-year
Vault Gold Membership (online access to employee surveys on 1,900+ major
companies with salary figures and other insider career information). Reading
thousands of corporate professionals speak their minds is both informative and

All survey contributors receive free one-week access to all surveys on three
companies of their choice: please respond with your choice to the
thank-you email message you will receive after submitting a survey. 

Thank you in advance for your comments!


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-- The Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2003. 

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