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Re: ...please

On Apr 7, 2004, at 11:51 PM, Russell Coker wrote:
I agree, and have suggested moderating unsubscribed posts in the past. There has not been much interest in the idea, partially because of lack of support
in the software.

Well, this is a feature of mailman, I take it, it is not a feature of ezmlm.

This has a flaw for some types of spammer which are aware of mailing
lists and subscribe to the list, then make a post so this kind of
filter doesn't work so well on list environments like yahoo groups, but
it would cut down on the amount of spam for certain on Debian lists.

We could moderate subscription requests (it's a feature of most mailing list software, including the software that is used for Debian lists). Also we
could moderate the first few postings from a new subscriber.

But of course a spammer could use someone else's email address. The solution to this is to moderate every message that has an unknown combination of From:
field and IP address.  There is no software support for this yet.

How about moderating email coming from a new ip/24 for the member until a post is accepted, or the ip or address is blocked.

This would require the mailing list membership database to be extended with this extra relation, and of course the management/list progs/libs would need some small changes as well.

David (Sick of Spam) Stanaway <david@stanaway.net>

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