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Unidentified subject!

Well I have been playing with debian for a few weeks here, been messing with
linux for about 2 yrs... still pretty new at all this.  Mainly I use my linux
installs for Apache/MYSQL and such.  But as of recent my wireless router has
been acting up, So I got the idea, why not make my extra box into a
Wireless/Ethernet Router, with firewall and maybe a proxt server also.  I am
having a lot of problems finding what I need to make all this happen.  Can
anyone point me to some walkthroughs that might give me step by step on getting
everything working, especially the wireless, its a DLINK Wireless card, and
also the box has a 3com 10/100 and a Netgear 10/100 if that helps at all.  I
assume Shorewall would be the right firewall software, and prob Squid for a
Proxy that will allow cacheing for my slow internet access that I have. 

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