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Re: Fixed (hardisk) device names?


first: thanx to everyone who answered!

Craig Sanders wrote:
>> Arnd Vehling wrote
Another question. How can i copy two identical discs _including_ the boot
block? "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb" doesnt do it

don't use dd for that.  set up a raid-1 mirror instead.  it's easy to do, only
about 5 minutes work.

ok, i will look into that.

and there are no raw devices on linux AFAIK.

/dev/hd? ARE the raw devices.

And why doesnt the bootblock get copied when using identical discs and
making a dd if=/dev/had of=/dev/hdb?

On other machines, like HP, Sun, freebsd etc. you have /dev/rdsk<something> which is the raw device and a /dev/dsk<something> which is the block device.
AFAIK you dont have this on linux, do you?

  :: Arnd ::

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