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Hosting recommendations?

Hi --

I am president of an amateur radio group that's been lucky enough to have our internet presence (mainly a reasonably active web server, ftp site, and mailing list server) hosted gratis by a friend at a very high bandwidth site. Unfortunately, the days of the freebie hosting are coming to an end, and we need to find a reputable hosting company.

One of our board members is vocally in favor of EV1 because they're big, reasonably priced, and reliable. I have been against them because they are one of the only companies around to have paid SCO's extortion fee for a "Linux license."

My problem is that I'm not very knowledgeable about hosting companies, and need to show some more Linux-friendly alternatives than EV1. Can anyone recommend comparable companies that they've had good experience with? We need someone who's likely to be around for a while, has good service, and doesn't charge an extortionate rate (we're not broke, but still need to watch the funds).

Thanks much.

John Ackermann

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