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Kernel bug, or x-file?

Hi there!

I have found a very strange error. I have a linux box (kernel 2.4.18) to route three nets.
It connects 3 networks via ethernet interfaces.

                Network A (INTERNET)
Net B(single LAN) -----Router-----Net C (Huge routed WAN)

The router has NO DENY Packet filter rule, or Policy, but ip_forward is enabled.

The traffic from B <-> A is OK.
The C <-> A link is enabled, but unused. (route were not defined)

The hosts in Net B can access resources in the Net C (via ip services)
When a host tries to connect from C to B, I got a strange failure:

The routers NetC interface receives the IP packet with its MAC address (as destination), and the 
destinations IP address.
After this the packet is not viewable on any interface (nor on Interface B, C, A). The packet has 
disappeared without any track.
Tcpdump, ethereal sees the incoming packet, but the packet filters (INPUT, FORWARD) counters don't.

What is it?


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