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Re: 3ware Raid 5 and ext3 filesystem

--On Wednesday, March 24, 2004 12:07 +0100 Andrew Miehs <andrew@2sheds.de> wrote:

The filesystem structure is so that there are no more than 1000 files/
directories in one directory
When I create the filesystem, should I use the stride option? or is this
only for software raid?
If I use stride, what value should I set. The controller is set / as per
default to 64k stripes.
After mounting the filesystem, and doing my first 'ls -ln' in a directory
with 1000 pictures it takes ages!
Thanks for the help,

First problem is ext3, second problem is ls operations are not representative of any sort of normal performance unless your application opendir/readdir a lot. Try using bonnie/bonnie++. Second, if at all possible use a 128k stripe size -- Linux tries to batch it's I/Os as much as possible up to this size, this is especially helpful for writes on RAID5 (because if you don't write a full strip then you have ot read in the remainder of that stripe to compute the RAID5 parity/checksum block!)


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