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Re: pppoe speed problem

Hector Scaramelli wrote:

I am doing just nat with a i486/16MB behind a 256/64Kb adsl dynamic ip. I
cannot seem to be able to download at more than 10Kb/s. However the same
box was giving me 26KB/s when I had a router between the adsl modem and
the i486's eth0. That router provided a static ip.
I run pppoeconf and changed as directed from 1458 to 1412 with no
apparent results.
Could that be an isp problem? or Am I missing something?

It's not that meaningful, but I am using a Soekris net4501 (www.soekris.com) as small embedded firewall appliance.

The machine is based on a 486compatible processor with 133 Mhz.
The RAM configuration can be neglected.

Used as a ADSL NAT Gateway with just 5-6 firewall rules the box saturated the line.

How many hops are the destination servers away?

by the way: ISP doesn't mean to use a 486 as gateway for a a-dsl connection :)


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