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Re: Recovery

* Svein Hallan schrieb am 13.03.04 um 08:41 Uhr:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to perform a recovery of some files on a remote server running
> Woody. Since I can't take the server down to do an exhaustive recovery, I'm
> exploring what options I have with regard to do this remotely via ssh. 
> The original file system has been replaced by a new one, but since the RAID
> volume the server is running is quite large there's a good possibility that
> the original sectors still haven't been overwritten by any new data. I think
> I'm looking for a way to dump all unpartitioned space/unused sectors to a
> remote computer, without writing to the RAID volume itself.
> Has anyone got experiences with similar situations? Any suggestions?

Which fs are you using?

to find lost partitions there is "gpart" or "testdisk".

If you have an ext2 (not ext3!) fs ther are some tools:


on ext3 perhaps sleuthkit can help you, but I never used it.


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