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Jobsite Cancellation Notification

Dear Subscriber,

You have recently requested that we unsubscribe you from our Jobs-by-Email service.
Unfortunately we have been unable to find your email address
debian-isp@lists.debian.org on our database.

This might be because:

(1) You are trying to unsubscribe from a new or different email address to
the one you originally subscribed with.

(2) You are trying to unsubscribe using someone else's PC, and you may be
using their email address.

(3) Your email address may have changed e.g. from john.smith@pncl.co.uk to

To unsubscribe yourself we recommend that you open up a Jobs-by-Email
message and follow the link to unsubscribe online, as this email
already contains your correct email address.

Alternatively, you can login to your MyJobsite at
and click delete on each of your Jobs-by-Email strings.

If you have any further problems then please do not hesitate to
contact us on help@jobsite.co.uk stating your full name and email
address you subscribed with and we will investigate your problem as
quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

The Jobsite Team

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