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woody stable and imagemagick

Hi, we're running debian woody stable and are currently building a photo album with apache+mod_perl+imagemagick.

Preliminary tests indicate that the thumbnails generated by IM are rather large. Doing the same transformations with IM 5.5.7 make them a lot smaller, so i'm trying to upgrade IM to a more recent version.

However, I'm running into problems I do not know how to handle: I found backports at www.apt-get.org, but they do not have some of the required libraries. Using the version from unstable or testing scares me because it means libc is going to be upgraded, as well as perl (and I definitely don't want that).

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to install Imagemagick 5.5.7 on debian stable, without having to upgrade all kinds of other stuff?

Thanks in advance,

Rhesa Rozendaal

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