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RE: sendmail authentication

> Hi all
> I need to let sendmail authenticate from a different passwd file, let me
> explain.
> Sendmail currently authenticates from /etc/passwd I would like it to use
> /etc/mailpass as step one and then to authenticate from berkleydb
> later on
> when I have verified that evereything works.
> Qpopper also needs to be moved to alternative authentication.
> Tnx
> Mozzi

It looks like the c library calls themselves used in the sendmail source
look in the system password file (getpwuid, getpwnam, etc.)

So you'd probably have to rewrite the source to do this.

Just a guess.

A good tip on what you are able to do (and not do) with the sendmail.cf is
in the $SENDMAIL/cf/README file.

Ben Yau

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