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Re: qmail or postfix? (was: RE: What is the best mailling list manager for qmail and Domain Tech. Control ?)


On Sat, 21.02.2004 at 00:23:26 +0100, Adam ENDRODI <borso@vekoll.saturnus.vein.hu> wrote:
> Since the license prohibits distributing binary packages built
> from modified source, you must rely on other methods of
> installation. (On the other hand, once done, it's done for ever;
> see the next point).

well, if you are a new user and want to look at qmail, then you should
*not* look at the Debian package qmail-src, but to this instead:


(found from http://qmail.mirrors.space.net/top.html)

Or, if you have "higher" requirements, look at


> The most recent version (1.03) was released in the middle of 1998.
> (Well, at least you won't have frequent head-ache due to new
> releases :)

Stock qmail-1.03 is sort of not recommended any longer, but superseded
by netqmail.


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