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Community Network $8000 contest

I'm not affiliated with these folks but this $8000 contest may be of
interest to folks on this list. Feel free to pass this on to other lists,
this is the only list I'm sending it to.

Community Network Open Source Package Awards program


A key service of most community networks (CNs) is providing
Internet-based services to community, civic, and nonprofit groups.
Community networks need an easy to install and easy to manage suite of
information services that has an integrated and easy to use Web interface,
so that volunteers and staff who are not Unix experts can set up,
configure, and support service packages for local civic and community

 With financial support from its partner, the University of Baltimore
School of Information Arts and Technologies, the Association For Community
Networking offers two awards of $4000 each for the Open Source-based
service packages that most successfully meets all of the specifications
outlined below. The two awards are designed to meet the needs of most
community networks.

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