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configuring postfix to reject messages to non-existing user account


I have a postfix installation and it accepts all email to specified
domains regardless of the user part. This seems to pose a security hole
in sending spam / viruses.

Say someone sends an email to the server with the from of
"joe@somewhere.com" and the to of "nonexistentuser@mydomain.com",
postfix accepts this email although there is not local account for
nonexistentuser@mydomain.com. It then tries to bounce the message back
including the full message and any attachments.

Postfix is configured with virtual domains retrieved from an sql

Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting postfix to reject
messages for non-existent local accounts instead of just bouncing it?

Thanks and best wishes,


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I.T. Consultant	     Edinburgh, Scotland          Mob:   0773 980 3499
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