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Re: How do you manage Perl modules?

Angus D Madden said:

> Assuming you have a working cpan cofniguration, you can use dh-make-perl.
> dh-make-perl --cpan module
> I have used this before and it just worked.  ymmv.

I use mimedefang testing, spamaassassing unstable, and kernel 2.4.23, on
my production external mx server.
Everything else is stable.
The only externally exposed service, sendmail is stable.
I tried unstable sendmail, but TLS didn't work.
And I would not have timelly updates.
(I was trying to resolve milter sock issues.)
Works great, using perl 5.8 instaed of 5.6.1 is a much better choice for
Use clamdscan instead of clamscan, I got the clamd from the clam site, in
deb format.
Clamdscan is approximatelly 200 times faster then running clamscan.

You also need to hack the mimedefang restart script, so it puts a 3 second
delay in a restart, otherwise the multiplexor will generate a socket error
on the restart.
I've spent literally hundreds of hours messing around with mimedefang on
redhat/ and less amount of time with debian since then.

You also want to run a swatch script to watch for milter errors, so it can
restart the process when it pukes.
I saw this approximatelly every 60-70 days on some boxes.

If you use the embedded multiplexor for mimedefang you MUST use perl 5.8.

I backported mimedefang from testing to stable, and it did not require any
change in the debian file. I just had to recompile the src on a woody box.

--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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