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anti-virus messages

It's gone too far.  We need to deal with the anti-virus spam problem.  Many 
companies have stated that nothing other than a black-list will make them 
change their anti-virus setup.


I think that we need to setup a DNSBL service to list machines that send out 
"anti-virus" messages.  The following is required:

A server hosted in Europe where bandwidth is cheap and laws are reasonable 
(not the US for legal reasons).

A team of sys-admins (at least one of whom lives near where the server is 
hosted).  They must have experience in running ISP servers and dealing with 
attacks (lots of people on this list have the skills).

A team of programmers who can write the database code to manage the list of 
servers and track the status of all entries (has to contain the original 
message that caused the listing, the date of the entry, and any follow-up).

A team of content administrators who sift through the anti-virus messages and 
deal with complaint messages.

Some funding.  But as hardware and bandwidth are getting cheap the people who 
do the work can probably afford to pay.

If you are interested in joining then please contact me by private mail.

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