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Re: Still Considering Debian - But Stuck!

On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 10:24, Fred Whipple wrote:
> I see that Debian 3.0r2 includes a nicely aged (like fine cheese) Linux 
> 2.2 kernel.  

While 2.2 is the default, Debian 3.0 includes the 2.4 kernel.  


It's available right from the installer - just type "bf24" at boot.  

> Now I imagine it's 
> not so difficult to simply compile a recent 2.4 (2.5?) kernel and go 
> from there.  

If you want to run 2.6, unofficial backports of the 2.6 kernel are
available from backports.org.


And of course, you can compile your own.  

> Finally, while I'm messing around with the kernel, I'd have to include 
> support for ext3fs.  
> From that point, how 
> complicated is it to get the rest of the tools to play nicely with 
> ext3fs?  I'd imagine that a large set of tools would need to be 
> replaced, including e2fsck, mount, umount, etc.

It's not complicated at all - Debian 3.0 includes ext3 and all its
utilities right out of the box.  The installer allows you to format
using ext3 or ext2.  

- Jon


Administrator, tgpsolutions

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