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Re: [courier-users] FW: amavis

Kóczán Péter wrote:

I have a problem regarding to amavis. I've configured it for courier and the
config file is ok, however amavis does not run, when i execute amavis, it
gives the following error:

AMAVIS: Couldn't init AMAVIS::MTA::Courier: Invalid argument at
/usr/share/perl/AMAVIS.pm line 235, <GEN1> line 520.

I use Debian Amavis, but courier is not the .deb version but the source
I get the same problem trying to use Amavis configured for Courier or Exim or a variety of others. The first working solution I came upon was to configure Amavis to work with "Maildrop". Then, I told Courier to use Maildrop to deliver local mail. As the last step, I made a /etc/courier/maildroprc file that looks like this:

   import SENDER
   xfilter "/usr/bin/spamc -s 20480"
   xfilter "/usr/bin/amavis"

- Joe

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