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Non-mime bounces of virus laden mime messages.

As I'm sure most people in here are, we're getting lots of bounces of worm
messages our users didn't send.  Can't be helped, really, but unfortunately,
we've been getting quite a few from people using qmail (misconfigured, i assume)
which bounces the entire message back, and doesn't do any sort of mime work,
just sticks a few lines on the top.

All well and good, I suppose, but since it's not really a mime message,
amavis-ng and clamav don't find the virus.  Of course, outlook and outlook
express don't decode it either.  However, one of my customers uses popfile, and
popfile does.  So that customer (who's been getting quite a few, as one of the
ISPs in the kingdom runs a very broken qmail installation) is a little concerned.

I'm about to make a "signature" to be placed into postfix as a content check. 
I'm sure I can get it to work for this one worm, but I wonder if anyone's got a
more generic way of doing things.  Any ideas?


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