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Re: Exim: Different mail retry times depending upon response from remote host...

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 05:58, Joe Emenaker <joe@emenaker.com> wrote:
> Because, like you mentioned later in your message, not all mailers give
> proper responses. For example, I've see a lot of 5xx codes where the
> verbal explanation is that the user is over quota.

5xx is the correct thing to do when the quota is exceeded.

Some ISPs I know of have customers who remain over quota for YEARS!  If the 
customer keeps paying their bills then the ISP administrators can not delete 
the messages that cause the quota to be exceeded or remove the account.  As 
there is little chance of the situation changing the only thing to do is to 
send a 5xx.

If you have an over-quota situation that is likely to be fixed in a short 
period of time then you probably have a bigger problem.

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