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Re: Intel SRCU42X SCSI RAID contoller

Sebastiaan wrote:


On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Marcin Owsiany wrote:


Forgive me the cross-post, but this is rather urgent for me :-/

Does anyone know if the Debian kernel in woody-proposed-updates (2.4.22)
supports Intel SRCU42X SCSI RAID contoller?

Intel's web page says that it is supported by Suse and RH, but they make
a binary driver available for download (megaraid.o). The source is
included, so probablu it the same as in stock kernel, but could anyone
confirm this?

Not sure. I can't find it in the official kernel 2.4.23 (www.kernel.org),
or I am looking over it. What I can find is a driver with the same module


This driver supports the AMI MegaRAID 418, 428, 438, 466, 762, 490,
467, 471 and 493 SCSI host adapters.

This is the old and very heavily tested driver but lacks features
like clustering.

If you want to compile this driver as a module ( = code which can be
inserted in and removed from the running kernel whenever you want),
say M here and read Documentation/modules.txt.  The module
will be called megaraid.o.


Either this module is compatible with your mega raid, or suse and rh gave
a very poor name.

I have looked to the kernel patches, but I could not find information
about CONFIG_SCSI_MEGARAID, so I assume it is disabled by default.

If you don't need to boot from your controller, you can compile the module
afterwards, otherwise a module isn't good enough and you should compile
your custom kernel before installation.


This card is HEAVILY based or the LSI reference card that Megaraid uses so there is a good chance the standard megaraid driver will work

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