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Re: Postfix doesn't reject empty senders --good ;-)

I am happy that the protocol is so simple.

If it was not for the RFC's, which do not work that well in modern times
where would we work ?

SMTP has been around for a very long time:

	"The SMTP specification originally started with the Mail Transfer
	Protocol in 1980, evolved into Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) in
	1981, and since has been enhanced into the protocol we know today."

	Source: http://freebooks.by.ru/view/RedHatLinux6Unleashed/rhl6u065.htm
'Eric Allman' did us all a favor and created a great amount of industry by
drafting and distributing a simple protocol that was so trusting. ;-)

On a more serious note, I met Eric at a LISA conference in Philadelphia 
and a young Debian developer told him
he should modify the protocol, but Eric said he could not for there
are too many applications dependent on it staying the same. He would
probably get sued if he modified now. Email is big business. 
Look at all the money/jobs the trusting protocol created:

1. SPAM 
2. Anti-SPAM Software
3. Email Viruses
4. Anti-virus software
5. Many more people employed in the email business than would be otherwise.

On 28/01/04 18:48 +0100, Tom?s N??ez Lirola wrote:
> Hi
> My smtp server (postfix) was receiving a lot of mails with empty senders  
> ("mail from:<>"), and it sends them as they was from 
> "MAILER-DAEMON@mydomain". I want to change this behaviour, so I added to 
> main.cf the line 
> 'smtpd_sender_restrictions = reject_non_fqdn_sender'
> thinking that "<>" is not a fqdn. But after that, postfix still sends them. So 
> I added
> 'smtpd_sender_restrictions = reject_non_fqdn_sender, 
> reject_unknown_sender_domain'
> but this way I get the same response:
> helo k
> 250 mydomain.com
> mail from:<>
> 250 Ok
> rcpt to:some@address.com
> 250 Ok
> data
> 354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>
> fds
> fdsfsf
> fdsfs
> .
> 250 Ok: queued as B4F7C3EFF
> quit
> 221 Bye
> RTFM'ing, I don't find any more option to reject this kind of senders, so I 
> don't know what to do...
> Am I doing anything wrong? Can anyone please help me?
> Thank you very much
> -- 
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Ted Knab
Chester, MD 21619

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