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Re: I/O performance issues on 2.4.23 SMP system

* Is the I/O patch referenced (by Ingo Molnar) available for 2.4.24?
Possibly; it's certainly not merged into 2.4.24.
Can anyone point me to the specific patch?

I've got some machines in nearly the same configuration.  What I ended up doing
was to put an `append="mem=1G"' in the lilo.conf boot stanza for the kernel I
was using, and rebooted the machine in question.

This does reduce the available memory in the machine to 1GB, but solves the IO
problem.  In my case, it was much faster, even though MySQL couldn't buffer
nearly as much as with 4GB.
Thanks, Mark. I will probably try this with 3GB instead of 1GB. Did you try that?

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