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Re: FreeBSD/ Redhat / Debian

Vahric MUHTARYAN wrote:

Hi Everybody ,

	I will be new user of Debian. For quick tour I want to learn and I
want to get your advise about Comparing other OS with Debian . Do you have any link about some test with Debian and athor OS, Please share you exprience with me ..

Thanks Vahric MUHTARYAN

Dear Sir,
My experience has been with redhat and debian. Freebsd I have not much experience with and therefore cannot comment. Debian and redhat have different philosophies. Redhat being a commercial company is under pressure to release new versions of its os on a regular basis. Debian is a volunteer, non-commercial organization that releases software when "it is ready". For the latest and greatest software choose redhat (now fedora) but for stable well tested software choose debian. The install of debian is somewhat more difficult for inexperienced users but the admin of debian machines is much simpler. Evaluate your needs honestly then repost and then we could be of more help bye for now and good luck syl

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