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Re: Anybody Running OpenWebMail ?

Grzegorz Marsza?ek³ek schrieb:
We use it with a lot of success. It servers for web interface to mail
for around 2000 customers - we are quite happy with.

Then you might be able to answer me a question -- is it possible to use OpenWebmail with different "mail" users?

Let me elaborate: Usually you have only ONE real mail account ("mail" or "exim") that handles mail for all your virtual domains. But I have a setup where I have about a dozen "real" (system users.) Delivery of e-mail to one of the virtual domains a respective users owns is being performed using the uid of that user, to a directory under the home directory of said user.

So I have this scenario:

           _____ virtdom1.1
sysuser1-*------ virtdom1.2
          \_____ virtdom1.n1

           _____ virtdom2.1
sysuser2-*------ virtdom2.2
          \_____ virtdom2.n2


           _____ virtdomN.1
sysuserN-*------ virtdomN.2
          \_____ virtdomN.nN

Can this scenario be handled with OpenWebmail? If so, how would I have to configure OW to handle this?



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