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Re: Apache (Sarge) broken -- anybody have a quick fix ?

On 05 Jan 2004 20:13 CET you wrote:

> Hi!
> Mine segfaults on cold-start but only with php4 module loaded and
> have done so for quite a while. 

ii  apache   Versatile, high-performance HTTP server
ii  apache-common   Support files for all Apache webservers
ii  apache-dev   Apache webserver development kit
ii  apache-utils   Utility programs for webservers
ii  libapache-mod-     Integration of perl with the Apache web serv
ii  libapache-requ 1.1-0.1        Generic Apache Request Library
ii  php4           4.3.3-4        A server-side, HTML-embedded scripting langu
ii  php4-imap      4.3.3-4        IMAP module for php4
ii  php4-mysql     4.3.3-4        MySQL module for php4


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