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Re: Debian on a Dell-Server???

  Debain works fine on Dells. A couple tips assuming you are installing
from the Woody CD:

1) Use the BF24 boot option so that you are installing a 2.4 kernel and
not the default 2.2 kernel

2) You may run into problems with your RAID array due to a chicken/egg
problem with the driver. There is a perfect "how-to" at
to work around the problem.

   The how-to says you can do it on the system during install but I have
found it is *much* easier to make the driver floppy on another system

3) There is more info on Matt Domsch's page at http://domsch.com/linux

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Daniel Holze wrote:
> Hello debian-isp,
>   Anyone know, if i can Debian on an Dell-Server?
>   Dell says olny RedHat9 :-/
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