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Re: UML Patch uad 2.4.22Kernel

Daniel Holze schrieb am Wednesday, den 17. December 2003:

> Hello debian-isp,
>   i was tried to install a kernel (2.4.22) with UML patch.
>   I cant install it.
>   So, here are my work Steps:
>   patch -p1 <uml-patch-2.4.22-7
>   make menuconfig
>   make modules
>   make modules_install
>   make bzImage

Here is what I would do at this stage. Copy your .config file out of
your linux kernel source directory. Remove your linux kernel source
directory, untar a fresh version. Copy your .config into the new
source dir:

patch -p1 <uml-patch-2.4.22-7
make oldconfig
make clean
make dep
make bzImage
make modules
make modules_install

This will more than likely make your problem go away. Consider
your risks with the recent local root exploit in 2.4.22 before you go


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