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spec-ing/dimensioning a server?

Hi all,

As part of a project I'm involved in, we need to deploy a new server
(ia32, FWIW: running Debian "sarge") to run a MySQL database (SME-sized,
moderate complexity but not particularly large) + Java Application.

I figure that upgradability probably isn't a big issue here, as the
obvious path is to deploy a second machine and separate the SQL and java
onto separate hosts.

A spec being considered includes:

	DFI PS83BL Intel 865 Chipset Hyper Threading Main Board
		(H/Threading, 800MHz FSB, AGP 8x, DDR400,
		6-channel audio, S/PDIF-in/out, SATA, LAN, USB 2.0)
	Pentium 4 2.66GHz (533Mhz) CPU
	2 x 512MB DDR400 Memory
	3Ware 7506-4LP ATA 133 RAID Controller
	2 x 40GB WD JB-series IDE HDD (7200RPM, 8MB Cache)
		(disks to run mirrored)
	Geoforce2 MX400 64MB DDR Graphics Card
	(usual bits: FDD, k/board etc)

Anyone care to comment at to the appropriateness of the above spec (i.e.
strengths, weaknesses, over/under-kill etc), in particular in terms of


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